Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.
You are always encouraged to call and talk to us directly if you have any questions at all.

How much money can I make?

Dreamgirls pays you $30 per sign-up or 50/50 recurring on any of the sites in our program through traffic generated from your account. We also have special bonus days with increased payouts and a webmaster referral program that pays you for webmasters you refer to Dreamgirls! So there are several ways to make money with us! For further details read our terms & conditions.

1. What payment methods do you offer and when do I get paid?

We offer check payment for no charge.

Pay Period is two Weeks.. and Payouts are two weeks after the period ends.

Period (1) 1st - 15th-- payout on the 1st of following month
Period (2) 16st - 31th-- payout on the 16st of following month

Dreamgirls will send you a check every two weeks.

2. What is the minimum amount I need to make before I get paid?

The minimum payout is $100, so if you do not reach the $100 minimum in a pay period those earnings will be carried over to the until you reach the minimum. With our top converting sites that $100 will be easy to reach! DreamGirlsCash pays on time every time!

3. Do you have cascading billing between multiple processors?

Our primary merchant account is Netbilling, with Epoch and CCbill following in the cascade. All applicable sales for our merchant account, Epoch & CCbill are tracked and paid to affiliates.

4. I have not received my payment from DreamGirlsCash, what should I do?

Please contact and we will look into your account and fix any problems and get you paid promptly.

5. What's the company name I'll see on my checks from DreamGirlsCash?

Our checks are issued by DreamGirls,Inc. With the check you will receive notification it is from and what payment period it covers.

6. Do you allow Blind Links? CJ traffic? Also, what is your spam policy?

At DreamGirlsCash, we will take on all forms of traffic, but keep in mind that lower quality traffic results in not so favorable conversions.

Regarding SPAM:
DreamGirlsCash has a ZERO tolerance on SPAM. Anyone found violating this will result in immediate termination from our program.

7. What do I get Paid?

You can choose partnership 50/50 or $30 per signup.

Any additional questions or comments?

Please contact: